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An absolute well-being ritual to experience at home:
Fruits seeds scrub
At the heart of a gourmand texture, discover all the benefits of three fruit seeds specially chosen to very gently provide the skin with optimal exfoliation: Acai Seeds, Argan Shells and Orange Peel. Combined with an aromatic cocktail of Essential Oils, these three natural particles leave the skin soft, supple and silky, for a moment of pure pleasure.
Relaxing shower oil
In the shower, really get away from it all, thanks to this new skin care with Essential Oils. DECLÉOR has drawn Ylang Ylang Essential Oil with relaxing benefits and Tonka Bean Essential Oil with softening
properties from the heart of nature.
This golden oil very gently cleanses the skin without drying it out for a unique sensory experience.
AROMESSENCE™ Relaxing dry oil and Relaxing massage balm
Inspired by the riches of the luxurious nature of Madagascar, DECLÉOR has chosen 2 exceptional active ingredients for an escape of the mind and senses. Vetiver Essential Oil, nicknamed the “Tree of tranquillity”, soothes and relaxes you, while Vanilla Extract provides the skin with comfort thanks to its nourishing properties.
Through two unprecedented textures, a dry oil and a melt-away balm, offer your body an unforgettable moment of relaxation. 100% natural - Dry feel.