Our initiative in Madagascar

Our commitment to the environment is also to sustain your beauty

The beauty resources that DECLÉOR offers you are taken from nature, from the heart of the plant kingdom their vital systems that produce essential energies. Yet, these resources are fragile, notably in Madagascar.

Fully dedicated to the energy of your beauty, DECLÉOR takes action to preserve the environment and, more particularly, will help respect the biodiversity which is threatened on this island. Since 2008, we have initiated an eco-responsible and sustainable management project that has the double aim of helping preserve the Madagascar ecosystem and improving the living conditions of local populations.

To give back to nature,
the beauty that it offers us...


2008-2012: 4 years of supported initiatives in Madagascar through a sponsorship partnership with the NGO ASMADA, DECLÉOR has set up:
• a reforestation programme in the Masindray valley to protect natural water sources and local flora,
• a solar electricity programme for schools to limit deforestation and promote the education of young people.
In the context of our innovation and formulation policy,
• our laboratories have undertaken a study in close collaboration with Madagascan researchers and producers in order to contribute to the economic development of the island through the identification of new local active ingredients,
• we are already using many active ingredients and essential oils manufactured locally by small producers who contribute to more than 25% of our catalogue.


Rediscover your vitality with soft, silky-smooth and rejuvenated skin.
A highly sensorial treatment directly inspired by the island of Madagascar's rich and vibrant nature:
• A 30-minute exfoliating treatment using "exfoliating fruit seeds", an inspiring mix of fruit powders, spices and plant oils
• A 30-minute cocooning treatment consisting of gentle effleurage massage combining the expert hands of the beautician, the acacia wood massage instrument and our aromatic balms


This protocol tells a story…allowing you to feel, thanks to the therapist’s finger tips, the contours of the island, its range of climates,lush vegetation and unique culture.
52 techniques using active Essential Oils bringing constant deep relaxation (pressure, long stretches) and energy transmission (breathing, benefits of the oils).
A massage with the unique ability to restore your energy, without leaving any subsequent feeling of tiredness.
Results: Free from tensions, you feel light and full of energy.
Duration: 1 hour

I want a ritual


Within the framework of the responsible and sustainable project in Madagascar, DECLÉOR is developing products whose proceeds are donated to the NGO ASMADA.

Thanks to your support, more than 100,000 trees have been planted in the Masindray valley in Madagascar.